Monthly Archives: March 2008

Web Frameworking

It seems to be the wrong time to be reading such things, but over on InfoQ there’s a nice article introducing web development of RESTful services using Erlang and the Yaws high performance web server. I say “the wrong time” as this week has kicked off the “Advancing with Rails” course by David A. Black […]

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Interactivity Experiments

For a few months now I’ve been watching utterly compelling and inspirational HCI things like these: I know most of them are a bit dated now, in fact from as far back as 2006, but they’re still jaw-droppingly awesome. So in a fit of inspiration and weekend project madness and frustration at the clumsiness of […]

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Development Communications

For a while now, more or less since I switched teams (from Core Web to Sequencing Informatics) I’ve wanted to write more about the work we do at Sanger. There’s so much of it which is absolute cutting edge research and a very large proportion of that is poorly communicated both inside and outside the […]

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