Monthly Archives: September 2005

The ISP Hosting blues

Initial work on the sign-on is done. It’s a shame Namesco don’t support the SSL virtualhost in the same way that Simply did. I really must finish the sign-on code and make it use session keys instead. Maybe some sort of javascript hashing thing client-side simple for obfuscation would help. Hmm. I can safely say […]

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Generating PDFs from .docs, .ppts and friends

So a few weeks ago I set up a system to fix a standing problem I’ve had for a looong time. We have an internal web-based repository for tracking versions of documentation. It takes any sorts of files but the majority of them seem to end up as .docs and .ppts. That’s fine for the […]

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VoIP at Home

Some time ago I bought myself a Netgear TA612V broadband VoIP adaptor. I’d been looking around at Sipura , Broadvoice , Vonage and the like and quite liked the idea of the TA612V. It provides two separate analogue phone lines out, ethernet in from the DSL or cable router and ethernet out with QoS traffic-shaping […]

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