Generating MSCACHE & NTLM hashes using Perl

I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering recently whilst working on the revised website. Naturally it uses Perl on the back end so I’ve had to find out how to make Windows-style hashes of various types using largely non-native means.

On the whole I’ve been able to make good use of the wealth of CPAN modules – Digest::MD4, Digest::MD5, Digest::SHA and Authen::Passphrase but for one reason and another I’ve wanted to find out how to make NTLM and MSCACHE hashes “by-hand”. It turns out this is pretty easy:

NTLM is just a MD4 digest of the password in Unicode, or to be specific utf16 2-byte characters + surrogates:

perl -M"Unicode::String latin1" -M"Digest::MD4 md4_hex" -e 'print md4_hex(latin1("cheese")->utf16le),"\n"'

MSCACHE is a little bit more fiddly as it also encodes the Unicode username as well:

perl -M"Unicode::String latin1" -M"Digest::MD4 md4_hex" -e 'print md4_hex(latin1("cheese")->utf16le . latin1(lc "Administrator")->utf16le),"\n"'

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