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Well more than a year has passed and it’s just plain embarrassing having not written anything here. So much has happened the choice is either to update or delete. I’ll try updating…

So… I’ve switched ISP again. This site is now free from shackles. I’ve delegated the DNS over to which is updated by web-client from one of the servers. Everything you now see is running over my home ADSL line. It’s not too bad but could seriously do with better upload bandwidth. This new setup now allows me full control over everything server-wise and as much storage as I can eat. Hopefully it saves a small bucket of cash too.

I’ve switched advertising from AdBrite to AdSense which seems to be a little more effective. If and when it starts generating a few cents revenue it may even pay for the domain and the meagre subscription to .

It mostly boils down to content in the end and yes, I know there is very little around here. Of course I’d like to change that little by little but I won’t promise anything because then it definitely won’t happen. Steve Pavlina reckons he generates $9000/month with his productivity site and whilst I know I won’t reach that for some time it’s still fairly inspiring. There are still a couple of months left to make my million before the deadline.

The ISP Hosting blues

Initial work on the sign-on is done. It’s a shame Namesco don’t support the SSL virtualhost in the same way that Simply did. I really must finish the sign-on code and make it use session keys instead. Maybe some sort of javascript hashing thing client-side simple for obfuscation would help. Hmm.

I can safely say that after a good few years running a (admittedly el-cheapo basic) webserver at a remote ISP is a pain in the proverbials. I’m really looking forward to setting up John’s parish server & services on his DSL connection.

So my ISP renewal is up soon. I’m sure I’m paying too much but it’s *so* painful switching services over – finding out what’s supported and what isn’t; finding out that all your CGIs have to be renamed .cgi and can live anywhere, or vice-versa – named anything but all live in cgi-bin (well, that’s the way I do it).

Anyway… This will be the first entry in my hastily lashed-up weblog system. At least it only depends on my code plus XML::RSS. Goodness knows (well ok I should really look into it) what movabletype depends on.