Amazon Prime on Kodi for Slice

slice-boxI’m lucky enough to have both a Raspberry Pi “Slice” media player and an Amazon Prime account but it’s not supported right out of the box. Here’s how I was able to set it up today.


  1. A Slice
  2. An Amazon Prime account

Firstl make sure your Slice is correctly networked. Configuration is under Setup => OpenElec Settings.

Next you need to download a third-party add-on repository for Kodi. Download XLordKX Repo zip into a folder onto the Slice. I did this from another computer and copied it into a network share served from the Slice.

Now we can install the add-on. Setup => Add-on manager => Install from zip file. Then navigate to the file you downloaded and install it. Now Setup => Get Add-ons => XLordKX Repo => Video Add-ons => Amazon Prime Instant Video => Install

Now to configure Amazon Prime. Setup => Add-ons => Video Add-ons => Amazon Prime Instant Video.

I set mine to Website Version: UK and left everything else as defaults. Feed it your Amazon username & password and off you go.

The navigation is a little flakey which is a common Kodi/XBMC problem but the streaming seems fully functional – no problems on anything I’ve tried so far. I also see no reason why this wouldn’t work on raspbmc or openelec on a plain old Raspberry Pi. Happy streaming!


HT where I found instructions for Kodi in general.