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These are my links for January 21st through February 5th:

Picking up momentum

It seems people are fairly taken with the BarCamb idea. It’s been lightly advertised internally at Sanger and has been picking up some interest via that and also on the upcoming page .

I wonder how many of the people already signed up actually have something to present. Having been at the WTSI for nearly eight years now I’ve a number of things I could talk about, it’s just a case of deciding which of them would be more interesting for people and that really depends on where attendees are coming from.

So… one or more of the following, of the things I’ve been working on recently – Bio::Das::Lite & Bio::Das::ProServer, ClearPress or the new sequencing technology. Now I’m not a biologist or a chemist either by trade or by hobby and I’m pretty certain that talking about NST is going to be asking for a whole bunch of biology and chemistry-question trouble. I guess DAS-related things are the most useful to present as they have the widest scientific application.

Though there’s nothing like a good bit of self-promotion so maybe something short on ClearPress would be a good thing too. Might need to improve the application builder and test-suite a bit more for that.

In related news, not wanting to be outdone by Matt’s BarCamb I coauthored and submitted a venue proposal for YAPC::Europe 2008 last week. Woohoo! Nail-biting stuff. The genome campus would be a great place to host it for all sorts of reasons – integrated and well supported conference centre; secured financial committment; great science to talk about and a tremendous perl resource to tap into just to list a few.

All I need to do now is submit my travel application for YAPC::Europe Vienna later this year and see how it’s done (again). It’s been a while since I’ve been to a YAPC::Europe!