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DECIPHERing Large-scale Copy-Number Variations

It’s strange.. Since moving from the core Web Team at Sanger to Sequencing Informatics I’ve been able to reduce my working hours from ~70-80/week all the way down to the 48.5 hours which are actually in my contract.

In theory this means I’ve more spare time, but in reality I’ve been able to secure sensible contract work outside Rentacoder which I’ve relied on in the past.

The work in question is optimising and refactoring for the DECIPHER project which I used to manage the technical side of whilst in the web team.

DECIPHER is a database of large-scale copy number variations (CNVs) from patient arrayCGH data curated by clinicians and cytogeneticists around the world. DECIPHER represents one of the first clinical applications to come out of the HGP data from Sanger.

What’s exciting apart from the medical implications of DECIPHER’s joined-up thinking is that it also represents a valuable model for social, clinical applications in the Web 2.0 world. The application draws in data from various external sources as well as its own curated database. It primarily uses DAS via Bio::Das::Lite and Bio::Das::ProServer and I’m now working on improving interfaces, interactivity and speed by leveraging MVC and SOA techniques with ClearPress and Prototype.

It’s a great opportunity for me to keep contributing to one of my favourite projects and hopefully implement a load of really neat features I’ve wanted to add for a long time. Stay tuned…