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Pushing Jenkins Job Build Statuses to Geckoboard

I love using Geckoboard. I love using Jenkins. I do have a few issues connecting the two though. My Jenkins build cluster sits inside my corporate network and while there is a Jenkins plugin for Geckoboard it will only connect to Jenkins instances it can see on the public internet. I haven’t yet found a Geckoboard plugin for […]

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Content Delivery Network (CDN) using Linode VPS

This month one of the neat things I’ve done was to set up a small content delivery network (CDN) for speedy downloading of files across the globe. For one reason and another (mostly the difficulty in doing this purely with DNS and the desire not to use AWS), I opted to do this using my […]

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Multivariate Charts from HTML tables in D3.js

For a dynamic monovariate (single line) chart, please see my earlier post – Sometimes you just have to plot more than one dataset on the same chart, but you might have a complex data table with some “collections” of single-values and some collections of multiple values. Here I’ve put together an example from something […]

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Middleware and Monorails

Middleware, the point-and-click programmer’s equivalent of Perl. Middleware, yet another layer of largely unnecessary abstraction.

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Charts from Tables with D3js and jQuery

I’ve been tinkering with D3js on and off for a couple of months now, purely for generating simple, inline charts in web pages, made from data already dumped into HTML tables. Doing this is easier than building, caching and referencing external bitmap (PNG, GIF or whatever) images with Gnuplot or GD::Graph and also simpler than […]

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Another use for Selenium IDE

A dear friend of mine recently needed to recover all email from his mailbox. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, there are plenty of options in any sane mail application – export or archive mailbox, select-all messages and “Send Again”/Redirect/Bounce to another address or at the very worst, select-all and forward. Most of these options […]

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Web Frameworking

It seems to be the wrong time to be reading such things, but over on InfoQ there’s a nice article introducing web development of RESTful services using Erlang and the Yaws high performance web server. I say “the wrong time” as this week has kicked off the “Advancing with Rails” course by David A. Black […]

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